Friday, September 22, 2017

look after the environment

Look after our environment
In my opinion I think you should look after the awesome planet. I believe you should pick up rubbish so the world isn't a big rubbish hole because that would stink. Some people don’t think and throw rubbish out the window when they are done like plastic so the outside of their house would look like a landfill.

If you don’t look after the environment you won't get to ride your motorbike but your motorbike spits out carbon monoxide to. Anyway putting rubbish on the ground wouldn't be good either. If you start your motorbike in the garage it fills up with heaps of carbon monoxide and makes it really toxic and then spreads out.

Our environment is going to be a landfill and if it is a landfill you won’t get to swim in water or drink it. If you can’t drink or swim in the water and you did drink or swim in it you would get really really sick. I don’t want people to be really really sick.

If there is rubbish everywhere it will be really hard to get to a place to another so please pick up rubbish so it won’t be to hard. I don’t put rubbish on the ground I only put my clothes on the ground. Put your rubbish in a rubbish bin or a recycle bin.

I think people should not put bale wrap and other stuff around water ways people just do that because people think that there is no where to put it. City people blame the farmers when the city are putting more rubbish on the ground then farmers are.  

I sometimes feel disappointed because some people just put their rubbish on the ground instead of putting it in a rubbish bin or a recycle bin. I think some people should be like Wall-e who tries to clean the world but everyone keeps putting more and more rubbish everywhere. Wall-e is awesome because he try’s to clean the earth.


  1. Hi Luke I liked reading why we should look after the environment. You added good details in your writing and used punctuation correctly. Maybe next time you could put in a WALT.

    Blog you later

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